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  Established in 2004,CangZhou Huaye Metal Products Co.,Ltd as one of sino-singapore cooperated enterprise,specialized in manufacturing carbon steel butt-welded pipe fitting and carbon steel flanges.

  Covers an area of 17000 square metar,and over 10000 tons annual output of carbon steel butt-welded pipe fitting and carbon steel flanges.

  Our main products carbon steel butt-welded pipe fitting such as elbows,tees reducers,
bends and caps, etc asperANSI B16.9ASTMA234 WPB standard,and JIS 2311 and DIN2605 etc standard. Carbon steel flanges contain forge steel and cast steel,conf-irm to ANSI B16.5,BS,DIN,EN and JIS standards.We hava established the quality management system conforming to ISO9001,and have got the certificate of conformity of quality system certification.

  As an entirely export-oriented pipe fittings and flanges manufacturer,We provide about 100% of the turnover for Europe and other countries such as southeast and middle east and have acquired good reputations among the clients all over the world.With excellent quality,provide the best quality and highly service is ous purpose.

Address: Hebei Mengcun Hui Autonomous County Bolao Qiao Industrial Zone .
Tel:0086-317-3599978   FAX:0086-317-5208863
Email:binghua@huayefitting.com hebeibinghua@163.com